So we’re off to a great start. Our show at the Winnipeg Fringe got started last week, to great success. We’ve sold out every show so far and the reviews have been out-standing. The Winnipeg Free Press says “Every freaking thing they do turns to comedy gold” and CBC says “they draw from a razor-honed toolbox of movement, voice, intelligence and timing to cut the clearest diamond of funny from any concept. You may fall in love.” We couldn’t be happier with how it’s going.

Advance tickets are almost all sold out, but head over to our Fringe page to get the links to the last remaining tickets, or be prepared to line up early (usually about half an hour before they go on sale, which from Wednesday the 24th onwards, will be 6pm (so be there by 5:30)).

On top of our nightly Winnipeg Fringe performances, we’re spending our days rehearsing our “Best Of” material which we’ll be taking with us to Saskatoon and Edmonton Fringes right after Winnipeg. It’ll be a totally different show than Winnipeg, filled with our “Greatest Hits” from over our 7 years of Fringeing. If you have friends or family in either of those cities, consider letting them know about us. We’ll thank you, they’ll thank you. It’s a win win. It’ll be your good deed for the year.

Happy Fringeing!