Three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch troupe, specializing in smart, physical comedy.

Three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch troupe, specializing in smart, physical comedy.

Winnipeg-bred sketch comedy troupe Hot Thespian Action have been captivating audiences with their razor sharp witty writing and physically dynamic performances since 2006 and have been picking up steam ever since. With accomplishments ranging from three Canadian Comedy Awards nominations for “Best Sketch Comedy Troupe in Canada,” to appearing in televised performances on the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, to five-star reviews and sold-out shows across Canada and the U.S., Hot Thespian Action continues to entertain audiences with their unique brand of often physical, sometimes musical, always stripped down sketch comedy.

This is about as good as comedy gets

Kelly Stoffora, CBC

[HTA] unfailingly produces wildly entertaining sketch comedy that gives the genre a good name…  Somebody give these folks a TV show.

Jill Wilson, Winnipeg Free Press

Their uproarious physical comedy, flawless timing and cleverly written subject matter are utterly bang-on

Julijana Capone, Uptown Magazine

The performances across the board are virtually pitch-perfect

Dean Jenkinson, Writer: This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Every freaking thing they do turns to comedy gold.

Bartley Kives, Winnipeg Free Press

…the best hour of sketch comedy I have ever seen

Lisa Johnson, Planet S Magazine

What's New?
5 Become 4

5 Become 4

216-Jacquie-GleeHTA has been together since the spring of 2006, 9 years. When it started, for the first couple months, it was just the girls. Until they brought on Garth and fellow UofW theatre student Grant Burr. Our first show was at the Winnipeg Fringe that summer and it was a success. In 2008 we staged our second show, Hands Off, and Grant bowed out to focus on his growing family. We brought in Ryan for Hands Off and since then, our group has kept the same line up. 7 Years of the group you know.

But this year, like One Direction, this fivesome must too say goodbye to our ethnically-ambiguous member with fabulous hair. Jacquie Loewen has opted to bow out to pursue her “solo career” of acting, directing, fight directing, and just generally being Jacquie Loewen™. Jacquie is currently in Vancouver where she’s assistant directing Bard on the Beach. After that, she’ll be appearing in RMTC’s production of Alice in Wonderland in November. Within the year she’ll be developing her own physical theatre show.

We couldn’t be more excited for both Jacquie’s solo endeavours, and also the future of HTA. Due to busy schedules, we’ve been performing as 4 members for most of our Non-Fringe performances for the past few years any way,  and so we’ve transitioned very easily. It may mean less “Good Time Girls,” and maybe a different “Pizza Shack,” but we’ve got all sorts of great other characters and sketches coming your way.

And Jacquie isn’t dead. It’s highly likely that you’ll see her on stage with us at some point in the future. Because she loves her whores. And her whores love her back.

Our new show opening next week at the Winnipeg Fringe “Hot Thespian Action: Back In Black” will be a testament to how much fun we’re still having as a foursome. We can’t wait for you to see it. Jacquie will be back on opening night watching it, along with the rest of you. If you see her, take a minute to wish her well in her new path, and thank her for all the good memories.

In honour of Jacquie, here is one our favourite Jacquie sketches: Pizza Shack.


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