Today was the official media launch of the Winnipeg Fringe, which means that Fringe season is upon us once more. Tickets are now on sale for our “Best Of” Fringe show entitled A Show of Hands. Click the button below to find out more about our show and how to buy your tickets. We’re fourtunate to have been given the same nice big venue that we were in last year, but tickets will go fast as always, so we really recommend getting your tickets ASAP.

(Link now inactive)

While you’re clicking on things, as always, we encourage you to click the blue banner above to check out our TV pilot fundraiser that is ongoing until early August. We’re raising money to be able to finance a TV pilot and we need your help. Get involved while you still can. Even $5 is $5 more than we had before, and we can make it go a long way. And you’ll have contributed to something exciting! Not only do you get perks for donating (like free tickets to our aforementioned Fringe show!) but you’ll be helping get us on your TV where we can entertain you while you eat chips in your underwear! Try doing that at the Fringe without getting kicked out! Thanks again, and happy Fringeing!