Well, what a crazy adventure this has been. Saskatoon ended on a great note, with us selling out our last few shows. The Saskatonian audiences were fantastic to us and we’d all love to head back there again.

After Saskatoon we hopped in our truck and headed off to Edmonton, where we were greeted with what we determined to be Winnipeg on growth hormones. The vibe of Edmonton is very much Winnipeg, but everything is just bigger. Higher population, taller buildings and definitely a bigger Fringe Festival. This Fest is massive, and a lot of fun. But with the size of the festival comes a lot more competition. Even just finding a place for posters is pretty much impossible. And the poor patrons are bombarded from all sides by eager performers handbilling their shows. But in spite of it all, things have been going great for us.

We have been reviewed three times, all with fantastic things to say. The Edmonton Journal calls us “impressively sharp, bright, funny.” The weekly magazine VUE says “the troupe delivers a tight performance that speaks to their talent and dedication.” And the Edmonton Sun, which had plenty of nice things to say predicted “Get tickets for this one early – it won’t take long for word to get around.” Turns out this is true since, as we write this, we are gearing up for a sold out performance tonight. The fact that we could sell out at a festival where no one had heard of us previously, and there are 214 other acts to compete with is very exciting for us, and we can’t wait to perform tonight.

Only 5 more performances left at this festival (tonight included) and then we return home. This fall and coming winter is a bit of a mystery for us, but it will likely include more touring. We’d like to hit up several international sketch and comedy festivals throughout the year. We’ll tell you more as we find it out.

But first thing’s first, let’s finish up Edmonton right. So anyone who knows someone in Edmonton, send them our way. Happy Fringeing!