Well we’re two thirds of the way through our run at the Saskatoon Fringe and we’re having a blast. This is a beautiful little city with some fantasticly welcoming people. The Fringe Festival here is one of the greatest street-festivals we’ve been to. The challenge, unfortunately, as the performers have all found out, is letting the Saskatonians know that there is THEATRE being put on at this “street festival.” But with that said we’ve been very fortunate with our audiences, selling out a few, and going very close with all the others. Our press coverage has been great and people who have come to see our show have had really great things to say.

Now, with only two shows left in this charming little prairie city, we begin to turn our attention towards the mega-festival that is Edmonton Fringe. We have yet to venture to Edmonton, but we’ve heard great things about the festival and the amount of people chomping at the bit to see plays.

The challenge THERE will be getting noticed in a sea of competition. In Saskatoon there are 34 plays, in Edmonton there are 215. If you live in Edmonton, or know anyone in Edmonton, we’d love your help in letting Edmontonians know about us. We know that people willl laugh their asses off at our show, the challenge is just to get those people to hear about us in the first place. So help us get the word out!

Tickets are now on sale for Edmonton Fringe, so go to our Fringe page for all the info you need and links to buy tickets!

Happy Fringeing!