We’re very excited to announce our next show: “The Naughty List.” This holiday season we’ve decided to help you cut through all the Christmassy smarm with a little cynicism and inappropriateness. Come join us Thursday December 19th, 8:00pm at the Gas Station Arts Centre (River and Osborne) for a collection of our most adult, our most off-colour, and our least Santa-approved sketches from our 8 years together. Tickets are $15.

ChantelBrilliant local comedian Chantel Marostica (left) will get the evening off to a nice adults-only start. Then join us afterwards for Christmas baking and egg nog (one of the best ways to get rum into you).

Okay maybe it’s not all cold misanthropy: Bring a non-perishable food item and we’ll get it to Winnipeg Harvest. But that’s it for heart-warming! No warm hearts after that!

This show may be the only way to survive the onslaught of cloying sweetness this holiday season!

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