Summer-Tour-By-the-Numbers-SignWhat a summer! HTA returned from a long, crazy tour that saw us selling out in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton. Our primary goal of the tour was to get more people to hear about us, and it’s safe to say that more people know about us than before! Head over to our (newly updated) Reviews page for a recap of some of the great things reviewers said about our show this summer.

To the left you’ll see a handy dandy graphic with some fun stats from our tour, for the numerically inclined.

So what now? Our goal this year is to continue what this tour started, we are focusing all our attention on casting our net wider and wider. That will come in a couple different forms. First, we’re applying to festivals like they’re going out of style. Our goal is to travel to a ton of sketch and comedy festivals this fall and into next year. Stay tuned to details on that.

Secondly, some time this fall we’ll be releasing another YouTube video, and don’t be surprised if a few more follow this winter.