Another year, another great Fringe. We had a blast this year performing to some really fantastic audiences. Huge thank you to the super fans who lined up early to be able to get into our shows. In some cases, they showed up FOUR HOURS early! That’s nuts. But the good kind of nuts! Seriously, thank you.

Although Body Language is all done, that’s not the end of us for 2012. We don’t have anything concrete to announce yet, but our intention is to perform again in Winnipeg some time again this year, probably around October or November.

Other than that, it’s now back to Pilot Mode. After a short R&R break, we’ll be back in the writer’s room, polishing up our pilot script in preperation for pitching in Toronto this fall.

Speaking of Toronto: all Toronto HTA fans, we’ll be there is just under a month for the Canadian Comedy Awards and we’ll be performing on Friday the 24th at the Comedy Bar. We’ll post more details soon.

Again, thanks to everyone for your awesome support. This year has been amazing so far, and it’s far from over!