Online Sketches

W.H.A.A.T. T.H.E?!?

Teaching your parents technology, so you don’t have to!

Reading Rainbow

Rejected footage.

Pizza Shack

You’d be surprised how much goes into recording a 2 second jingle.


A soul-sucking demon learns a valuable lesson in friendship.


A super villain on an evil quest knows just whom to call upon when she needs to torture a professor of English: Amber and Sheena.

That’s Offensive

We’re pre-emptively offended about how offended you’ll be by this offensive video.

The All-Star Super Good Variety Special

Check out our televised appearance on the Winnipeg Comedy Festival singing our song “Every Girl Needs One”

Save the World Telethon

Check out our televised appearance on the Winnipeg Comedy Festival as Alan Thicke’s sidekicks.