HTA is heading back to the Winnipeg Fringe for our TENTH TIME with “Classic!” We’ve been performing at the Fringe since 2006 when the five tender, young, recent theatre school graduates banded together to create Hands On!  It was a surprise success and we’ve been going strong ever since, doing a million things as a troupe we never would have envisioned back in the mid 2000s!

After Hands On came:

Hands Off (2008)

Hands Down (2009)

Look Ma, No Hands! (2010)

A Show Of Hands (2011) (Our last Greatest Hits Show)

Body Language (2012)

Hot Thespian Action (2013)

Back In Black (2015)

Fourplay (2017)

And now, for 2018’s “Classic!, we’re compiling all our our most fan-favourite sketches from all 12 years of performing and allowing YOU to pick what you want to see! That’s right. Fans get to vote for their favourite Classics (at our Fringe page) and EACH NIGHT we’ll take the most requested sketches and perform them. That means that you can have a hand in CUSTOM ORDERING your show! Do you and your friends still quote “Pizza Shack?” Have an inside joke with your parents about “Whaat the?!?” Can’t get the song about bleaching a certain part of your body out of your head? Then just vote for them to make sure you get to see them again!

And out of those 10 shows, we’re sure there’s plenty of sketches you missed! So if you want to make sure you see all of those, then you better vote! And get everyone else you know to vote as well!

We can’t wait to perform our most exciting, comedy-loaded show EVER for you! Just make sure you get tickets while you still can!

Head on over to our Fringe page to get all the info you need, buy your advance tickets, and vote for your faves!