It was announced this morning that HTA has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for best sketch comedy troupe in Canada, for a third time! In comedy writing, the “Rule of Three” dictates that all things are funnier in threes, and we couldn’t agree more. So this bodes well for us. We can’t wait to head to Ottawa later this year to show what we do and to see all the other amazing acts that are nominated. Should be a good time!

Now is also the perfect time to mention that this Saturday is our super fun mash up show with Outside Joke, Jane’s improv family. This show is gonna be unlike any other we’ve done. It’s not just us doing a set, and then OJ doing a set, we’re actually mixing and matching, and OJ will be deriving inspiration from our sketches, as well as our previously unseen, unhatched sketch ideas from over our 8 years of writing. It is BOUND to be a fun crazy night full of “never to be seen again” moments. Get your tickets now, because they won’t last long. Keep in mind, HTA is NOT doing Fringe this year, so this is your ONLY chance to see us until this fall! Get on it!

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