Gas Station Arts Centre

Thursday, July 19th

Now Custom Order Your Show!

Custom Order Your Show!

Need a quick reminder of the sketches? Or maybe you haven’t seen them but want a menu to order from? Look below!

5X5 – The Pointer Sisters try to reclaim their fomer glory at a pitch session with a Sesame Street executive.
BACHELOR OF DESIGN – A reality show host teaches fellow bros how to decorate their pads.
CHEQUE PLEASE – An epic battle breaks out at a restaurant over who gets to pay the cheque.
DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC – A girl’s blind date almost goes awry when the guy turns out to be not quite what he claimed.
EVERYONE NEEDS ONE – A fun little ditty about the virtues of having a Gay Best Friend.
HÉ HO – A newbie Voyageur learns a distressing truth about life in the Canadian wilderness.
IS HE GAY? – A game show that asks girls to deduce if the cute guy she likes is elligible or not.
KICK BALL CHANGE – A song and dance about the struggles of dealing with owning external genitalia.
LEADERS OF TOMORROW – What will the valley girls of today be like in the year 2037? This courtroom drama may just reveal the answer.
LOVE STORY – A grandma in the future regales her grandchildren with tales of romance and courtship in the year 2018.
LOVE VS LUST – The forces of Love and Lust battle for control over a young couple.
MIRACLE OF LIFE – We take a peek inside at the unglamorous perspective of a baby as they’re being born.
PARADISE LOST – The mating riuals of the Bird of Paradise may not be so different from our own…
PIZZA SHACK – The recording of a simple jingle becomes anything but when the singer is offered some direction.
PURSEGATORY – A woman takes a perilous journey into the hidden world that is her messy purse.
RED HEAD SONG – A folk lament for the mistreatment of those afflicted with a mutation of the MC1R Protein.
SMELL THE FRESHNESS – A housewive discovers just how addictive a fresh smelling house can be!
SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR – An arcade game made for 2018 when the goal at all times is to stand up for your cause, even against your allies!
STOP IT! – A girl named Tiffani teaches a couple of bros that violence isn’t, and has never been, the answer.
TALK ABOUT – Everyone’s favourite 90s Canadian game show comes to life as a gay fashion designer talks abouuuuut: Women!
THAT’S OFFENSIVE – Four friends find themselves in a quagmire as they realize it’s currently impossible to communicate without offending each other.
THINK TANK – A team of male ad execs launch into song about their latest genius idea for a new category of female beauty products.
THE TIME IS RIGHT – A couple sing a sexy ballad about their well thought out plan to procreate.
VAYCAY PLANS – Following a recent vinyard tour, two adventurous couples discuss their options for really upping the ante.
VENT – A group of friends burst into song to vent about their co-workers, only to be informed that their comments may be more insensitive than they realize.
WHAAT THE?!? – An ad for a handy service that teaches your parents how to use technology, so you don’t have to anymore.
WHAT A WITCH! – In colonial times, two innocent women, falsely accused of sorcery, encounter a genuine bona fide Mistress of Satan.
WHAT’S THE DIFF – Survivors recount the horrors of the Cola Wars of the 1980s and the heavy toll they took on their families.


You’ve now helped customize your show. Be sure to pass on this link to the friends you’re coming with to get their votes counted as well. We can’t wait to put on your favourite show EVER!