Today our video “Pizza Shack” was launched on Funny or Die’s Youtube channelFunny or Die has been really great with allowing content creators a moment in the spotlight by showing our videos mixed in with all their in-house content. It gives us a way to connect to a wider audience than ever before. For instance, in the day it’s been up it’s already got twice the views it ever had on our own YouTube channel! Our partnership with Funny or Die is just beginning. This fall we plan on churning out a ton of new YouTube content, even better and funnier than anything we’ve produced so far! By a factor of at least 37. Maybe even 38. So stay tuned! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the content as soon as possible!

And if you ended up at this site for the first time because of Pizza Shack, welcome! Take a look around! Hope to see you again soon!