So Winnipeg Fringe is once again upon us, but this time, for the first time in 6 years, HTA is taking the summer off! Alas, it’s true, no HTA show at the Fringe this year. It’s not you! It’s us! We just needed a summer off for the first time in forever.

With that said, Ryan and Garth are the only smart ones actually taking the Fringe off. The girls all have other shows in this year’s Fringe, and here is your guide to seeing them, and filling the HTA-sized hole in your hearts, (and your Fringe programs):


As always, Jane’s sister-troupe Outside Joke is doing their unparallelled musical comedy at the Fringe.

Venue 20: Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre (91 Albert St. 3rd Floor)

Tickets: $10/$8

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Shannon has created a mime troupe from 4 talented hearing-impaired performers and together they have developed a mime sketch comedy show. Not only will it be hilarious and scratch a lot of the same funny-itches that HTA does, but it’s sure to be an eye-opening, interesting experience!

Venue 24: One88 (188 Princess street)

Tickets: $10

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Jacquie’s projects will be more like our set-to-music movement pieces. But significantly less funny… on purpose! This piece will be a “Victorian Gothic fairy tale told through theatre, movement and the dusty sounds of an old Victrola.”

Venue 6: The Tom Hendry Theatre at the MTC Warehouse (140 Rupert Ave. at Lily St)

Tickets: $10

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Happy Fringeing! And we’ll be back in the fall with lots of exciting news! We promise.